Azim Lila

Senior Consultant, Digital Strategy and Integration at CIBC

Azim is a strategic digital payments and platform professional applying fresh and bold thinking towards the global financial services industry.  He has 10+ years of complex problem solving experience in various technology and operations, strategy and payment roles within the Royal Bank of Canada, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and President’s Choice Financial. Azim also serves as a Director with the Digital Finance Institute on financial inclusion, serves as Board Chair with Skills for Change and is a FinTech advisor with 500 Startups and the Ontario Centres of Excellence. Azim graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science and Peking University in International Relations and International Political Economy

My Sessions

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MaRS Discovery District

We will be covering a number of different topics including: 3 years in… Where are we with FinTech in Canada and what does the landscape look like? What are some interesting technologies that FIs are using? What is the status of the relationship between the FIs and little FinTechs in terms of partnering? How is […]

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