Guy Halford-Thompson

CEO of BTL Group

Guy is a highly analytical and programmatic thinker who recognized early on that distributed ledger and blockchain technology is a ground-breaking innovation with the potential to transform society. A thought leader in the blockchain space, Guy is the Founder and CEO of BTL Group, the first public blockchain technology company (TSXV:BTL). He is also the co-founder of QuickBitcoin, a bitcoin trading company that introduced one of the first bitcoin ATMs to the United Kingdom in 2013.

Operating from both Canada and the UK, BTL is an enterprise technology platform provider that has built Interbit, a proprietary private, permissioned blockchain. Via the Interbit platform BTL can help companies greatly reduce risks and costs by securely streamlining existing IT infrastructures. To date, BTL has successfully demonstrated how Interbit can innovate system processes for leading companies in the finance, energy and gaming sectors.

Interbit is a fast, encrypted and scalable multi-chain technology platform. Via its suite of APIs and smart contracts, Interbit allows businesses from across the world to improve efficiency in trading and operations, accelerate development of internal systems, and embrace new revenue generating opportunities, while providing the high levels of security, resilience and auditability required in regulated enterprise environments.

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